15 Delicious Kale Recipes (2024)


15 Delicious Kale Recipes (1)

I hope you are soaking up the sunshine today. Since St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, I thought I’d offer some redeeming green recipes. Kale is a more hardy green that is awesome in make-ahead salads (read my tips here), soups, burritos, stir-fries and so much more.

This is just a selection of my kale recipes. You can always peruse my full kale recipe offerings on the site here, too. Lastly, some of my all-time favorite kale recipes are in my cookbook, which will be here in less than two months (!!!). Pre-order so you can get the book the day it’s released, May 16th!


“Loved this! This is a regular in my house. The flavors are amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing (except I opted out of the hazelnuts because I just don’t ever have them).” – Sarah

2) Kale Pesto Pizza

“This was delicious! I had a bunch of baby Tuscan Kale from my CSA to use up. I love that the pesto didn’t have a bunch of added Parmesan. Can’t wait to tell my friends about it and make it again! Thank you.” – Angela

3) Anything-Goes Kale Salad with Green Tahini Dressing

“Thank you so much for this lovely salad, beautiful and delicious! The dressing is such a nice combination. Just the thing after a weekend of not-so-healthful eating.” – Wendy

4) Kale Guacamole

I need you to try this guac and leave a comment to let me know how you like it! :)

5) Thai Red Curry with Vegetables

“Made this for dinner tonight and we LOVED it, everyone from age 2 to age 26! It’s so fresh, flavourful, and pure feeling, if that makes sense. :) This one will definitely be one we revisit often! Thanks Kate!” – Erin


“I am just making this again for the second time in less than 2 weeks. It is sooooo good and I look forward to eating it, I may just have it for breakfast tomorrow. This is the first recipe I have ever commented on. I love it!!!!!” – Rachel

7) Quinoa Vegetable Soup with Kale

“Absolutely delicious. Had it at my daughter’s home last night and enjoyed it so much I made it today at my home for dinner tonight. I used about 6 cups of veggies and added a little jalapeno and I used red kale. Will be a “do again” many times recipe.” – Michael


“I made the Mexican(ish) Kale and Quinoa Salad the other night for “Meatless Monday”. Even my meat-loving husband had to admit that it was “actually pretty good” (high praise for him) even asking for seconds. He especially liked the cumin-lime salad dressing. As usual, another grrrrrrreat recipe Kate! Very tasty and leftovers hold up well!!” – Mo

9) The Best Lentil Soup

“Always my “go to” soup! Great for vegans and meat-eaters, they all seem to love it! Even better it’s easy and quick to make.” – Barb

10) Spicy Kale and Coconut Stir Fry

“Omg. This is now my boyfriend’ so FAVORITE thing to eat for dinner. I had to double the portions so that we both had enough leftovers for lunch. If he had a tail, it would knock things off shelves when he eats this. Going to suggest it to my clients as a good 3rd or 4th date recipe to make for their sweeties!” – Diana

11) Super Kale Pesto

“I just made this kale pesto and it is amazing! The flavors are so fresh. I was a bit afraid of using 3/4 cup of hemp seed because it visually seemed like a lot of hemp seed, but it’s not overpowering at all. I actually prefer hemp seeds over the traditional pine nuts! This is probably going to be my go-to recipe for pesto from now on. Thanks so much for sharing! And thanks for giving me a way to secretly feed kale to my husband.” – Susie

12) Greek Kale Salad with Creamy Tahini Dressing

“Substantial salad with a powerful flavor punch. This salad, plus a slice of crusty French bread and good olive oil for dipping, made for an incredible meal! Bonus: it held up well overnight in fridge and made for a great dish the next day, too.” – Raquel

13) Redeeming Green Soup with Lemon and Cayenne

“Really easy to make and unbelievably delicious. I was surprised by the earthiness of the flavor, which you can also play with using the lemon and paprika. Shared it with friends and they also loved it. Thank you!” – Kristen

14) Kale, Black Bean and Avocado Burrito Bowl

“I am an old vegetarian and a new vegan, and have really been enjoying expanding my repertoire with yummy new recipes, but *this* is one of my top two. I made it Sunday and we had it Monday for dinner, and it is so, so good. My omnivore partner said he was “prepared to choke it down,” but he actually loved it, and raved about it all night. This was also my first foray into a raw kale dish (other than smoothies, of course), and I am officially hooked. Thank you so much for this absolutely glorious recipe!” – Julie

15) Simple Kale and Black Bean Burritos

“Just made and ate this yummy recipe. It took about 15 minutes, pretty easy and super tasty. I love all the flavor! Keep ’em coming. I can’t wait until I’m hungry again to have another one.” – Deb

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15 Delicious Kale Recipes (2024)


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